Sony HVR-V1U Audio Demonstration
Examples of how Sony's crippled audio circuit destroys the quality of your audio.  

Since measurements means little to a lot of people, here are some actual A-B comparisons of original audio clips of well-known (and not so well-known) tunes, both in their original state, and after recording into the HVR-V1U's audio inputs and recorded to DV tape. I recommend using a good pair of headphones, or listening through a decent stereo system, as opposed to tiny computer speakers, as much of the missing audio will be in the range of a normal stereo system.

ORIGINAL HVR-V1U B.B. King - I Got Some Help I Don't Need
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Billy Vaughn - Harbor Lights
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Billy Vaughn - Tennessee Waltz
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Crickets, The - That'll Be The Day
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Della Reese - And That Reminds Me
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Dionne Warwick - Amanda

Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra - So Rare

ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Johnny Cymbal - Mr Bass Man
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Save Your Last Dance (Korean)

Mantovani - Main Theme from Exodus

ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Percy Faith - Theme From “A Summer Place”
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Petula Clark - Downtown
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Ray Charles - I Can't Stop Loving You
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song
ORIGINAL HVR-V1U Speech Test (a reading from Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods)

















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