HVR-V1U and other Test Footage, compressed to Windows Media Video at 8Mb/S

MORE CANON HV20 NEWS (7/23/2007)
I purchased a Canon HV20 at the end of the first week of July 2007. I have been able to glean a lot of information just by testing it. I have confirmed an important piece of information about why the images are soft sometimes and not at other times. The softness is traceable to the Cinema Mode. When in Cinema mode, the HV20 uses some filtering to soften the edges, and when compared to a shot of the same object in P mode, the Cinema mode shot looks as if someone put Vaseline over the lens (that's a bit of an exaggeration, but the difference is quite dramatic on side-by-side comparisons).

Do to the controversy over the HV20 stills quality, I have done extensive research into the quality of the frame captures and the original footage, and, despite equal settings used for capture of all footage below, for some reason, Vegas created a very slight blurring of the HV20 images. After much experimentation, I found out that Vegas' deinterlacing scheme was producing a slight softening of the HV20 images that were interlaced. It wasn't affecting the V1U images at all, so I suspected nothing for the longest time. My tests with and without deinterlacing turned on, reveal slightly sharper images, though they are still relatively soft as compared with the V1U images. Together with the Cinema mode softening, the two factors combined to make HV20 footage look soft to some owners who commented on the softness.

Downloadable Windows Media Clips are compressed to 1440x1080 and may display squashed on certain players and combinations of video cards.

Sample stills, extracted from the actual video, are available in the right hand column. These are raw captures; nothing was done to enhance or sharpen them in any way.

Rendered to Windows Media, extremely compressed! These images captured from video in Vegas 7 and recompressed as JPEG.
HVR-V1U Test Toys.wmv Canada Goose Closeup Distance: 25', Handheld, image stabilized
HVR-V1U Test Cat.wmv Geisha Doll Closeup
HVR-V1U Test Pole.wmv Direct Sunshine (Exposure lattitude test) Look Ma, no lens flare!
HVR-V1U Test Footlights.wmv Buttercups closeup
HVR-V1U Shoots Laser Show Test Dandelion closeup
HVR-V1U Shoots Mic Closeup w Differential Focus Powerlines (sharpness artifact test)
HVR-V1U Shooting China Doll Foliage Against Sky (Chromatic Aberration test)
HVR-V1U Smooth Slow Motion Water test Horse Sculptures Silhouette
HVR-V1U Millerton Pan Shot Millerton Pan Shot Levels Adjusted and Saturation Boosted in PhotoShop
HVR-V1U Tower Zoom Shot Tower Zoom Shot
  Two Video Clips, CromaKeyed in Vegas 7
DV Magazine's Resolution Test Chart frame capture from the HVR-V1U is HERE










UPDATED 7/25/2007 Below are new still frames that I pulled from my own Canon HV20 footage that I shot on July 25th. The HV20 gives excellent bang for the buck, given that it can be had for as cheap as $1,014 and shoots 1080i HDV and 24P. These shots are from some of that footage, captured using the same application as used for the Sony HVR-V1U frames. These frames were taken from footage shot in Shutter Priority mode. I found that this mode is MUCH sharper, as Cinema mode seems to apply a lot of softening to the images and I am convinced now that this is what was causing the soft images on earlier footage that I grabbed off the internet.

Canon HV20 Sample Video Clips Canon HV20 Sample Still Frames
Coming Soon! The following stills are captured from Canon HV20 footage in Vegas 7.
  Park Shot #1 Shows the detail capability of the HV20.
  Park Shot #2 Contrast, color and detail capability of the HV20.
  Park Shot #3 Zoom lens detail capability of the HV20.
  Park Shot #4 Shows cleanness of HDV CODEC on the HV20.
  Rocks (Cinema) Shows softening effect of Cinema mode.
  Rocks (Program) Shows how sharp the HV20 is without Cinema mode processing.







Please note that the footage on the rest of this page was accumulated, over a span of two years, from various web sites as part of the process of evaluating various HDV cameras. Let me make it abundantly clear that these are not my images. At the time of download, I could not foresee ever presenting any frame from that footage on a web site. As this page has suddenly garnered a lot of attention lately, I am adding a generic "thanks" to all of the shooters who have captured and made the footage below available on the public internet. Legal disclaimer: The following images are used in accordance with sections 107 through 118 of the Copyright Act (title 17, U. S. Code), more commonly known as "Fair Use."

Below are some sample still frames that I pulled from some Sony HDR-FX7 footage.

  Sony HDR-FX7 Sample Still Frames (for reference)
  The following stills are captured from Sony HDR-FX7 footage in Vegas 7.
  HDR-FX7 Seagull
  HDR-FX7 Seashore
  HDR-FX7 Flowers
  HDR-FX7 Seashore 2






Below are some sample still frames that I pulled from some Sony HDR-FX1 footage.

  Sony HDR-FX1 Sample Still Frames (for reference)
  The following stills are captured from Sony HDR-FX1 footage in Vegas 7.
  HDR-FX1 Japan
  HDR-FX1 Sea Sled
  HDR-FX1 Flowers






Below are some still frames that I pulled from Canon HV10 footage submitted to me by Joe Busch. These images look substantially sharper to me than some of the HV20 images that I obtained from various unknown sources over the past few months. Joe said that he de-interlaced this footage before sending it, so that may be playing a role in the sharpness (perhaps Vegas has to do less work to capture the frames?)

  Canon HV10 Sample Still Frames
  The following stills are captured from Canon HV10 footage in Vegas 7.
  HV10 Red & Blue 2007 Joe Busch
  HV10 Grass & Clouds 2007 Joe Busch
  HV10 Grass Closeup with Differential focus 2007 Joe Busch
  HV10 Grass and Water with splashes 2007 Joe Busch
  HV10 Dog on grass 2007 Joe Busch
  HV10 Head gear zoom closeup 2007 Joe Busch








Below are some sample still frames that I pulled from some Canon XL-H1 footage. Canon charges about $9,000 for this model.

  Canon XL-H1 Sample Still Frames (for reference)
  The following stills are captured from Canon XL-H1 footage in Vegas 7.
  XL-H1 Store Front
  XL-H1 Zoom
  XL-H1 Street Scene with Sky
  XL-H1 Building Tree & Sky
  XL-H1 Trees Shot
  XL-H1 Pond & Trees Shot
  XL-H1 Flower Closeup
  XL-H1 Pelican Closup
  XL-H1 Bird Closup










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