Additional Photos from the 1970s
"Before Bass Pig" era, circa pre-1977. Karg Labs FM tuner, Fisher TX200 amplifier, Spectro-Acoustics 210R equalizer, KLH Model 41 reel deck (with Dolby NR!)
Here is one of two power amps that I designed and built from scratch many years earlier and were my mainstay of power up to the 1970s. Loosely based on the Williamson push-pull design, 6SN7s driving 8417 outputs, 500V B+, UTC "True Fidelity" output transformers, +/- 3dB 10-40KHz. About 50 watts, conservatively.
Speakers... what can be said here? 15" musical instrument speakers with twin piezo tweeters, mounted at 20 opposing angles to improve dispersion. Frequency response was really bumpy, but I'd say it extended from 65Hz to the upper 25KHz range. This was my traveling disco setup when I DJ'd a few private parties. The only speakers I ever actually finished the cosmetics on... well, almost. I did build one other pair of speakers specifically for a client. Somewhere I have a print of them.