Additional Photos of the Equipment Racks
The Behringer DCX2496 Loudspeaker Management System: Provides crossover functions, limiters, EQs and Time Alignment.
The Carver C4000 Sonic Holography Autocorrelation Preamplifier and Phase Linear Model 1100 Parameteric EQ.
The Phase Linear D-500 Amplifier. Drives the midrange and HF speakers.
The ADC SS-525X Computerized EQ and dbx 4BX Expander with Impact Restoration.
The Hafler 500 amplifiers, heavily-modified and mono bridged. (2005)
My daughter, Amanda, sits in front of the amplifier racks, feeling the nice breeze from the QSC's blower fans.
LEFT: Amanda, playing "audio engineer" with a graphic equalizer, her favorite 'toy' when she's in the studio.
RIGHT: Amanda, practicing her musical skills. Fish play a huge role in her daily life. :-)


Due to a growing need to improve the video side of things, and the repeated comments from YouTubers asking me to get a bigger TV, I finally installed this four foot screen, 1920x1080 native resolution, on Saturday. Needless to say, the wife and I have been watching a lot more movies lately. :-)


FRONT MAIN SPEAKERS...Right Side Detail (May 2006)

Three Electro-Voice EVX-180B MidBass drivers and two Bassmaxx ZR-18 Subwoofers with special application fiberglass cones with butyl rubber surround long-throw suspensions now make up the main substance of the low frequency system.


Two QSC Powerlight 6.0 PFC, 6000-watt professional audio power amplifiers appear in rack (June 2006)